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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Last week marked one month of living the sweet Italian life!

The days and weeks seem to go by so quickly here. My days are filled with teaching adorable Italian children and my evenings are often busy with meetings, planning and marking. However, my weekly social nightlife is a big upgrade from that of last years in Jakarta. My friends and I have been enjoying apertivos in the evening, dining on delicious pizzas, shopping, and expanding our circle of friends by attending Internations events. This is definitely a city where boredom doesn't exist!

A few weeks ago Vogue hosted Milan's Fashion Night Out. A big group of us ventured downtown and arrived to the busy streets filled with fashionistas, photographers and curious tourists. My roommate and I wandered into a few stores. We were greeted with cocktails and complimentary gifts, while DJs played in the background. The stores were more like clubs than shops! Our Fashion night out also led us to meet the wonderful Austrian designer, Arthur Arbesser (a friend of a colleague). It was a fun glam filled night!

Milan seems to have a long list of things to do and I plan to enjoy my new city as much as I can. But, I am also here to explore and travel Italy and the rest of Europe. So, a few friends and I took the 2.5 hour train ride to Bologna a few weekends ago. We spent the day wandering the beautiful city, enjoying perhaps one of the last sunny, hot days of the season. We dined, we wined, we shopped and we enjoyed our time exploring a new place!

The following weekend I had a trip booked to Cinque Terre. This was an area in Italy I had visited during my last time here and I always rave to everyone how it is one of my favourite places in the world! Unfortunately, the wicked back to school germs caught me and knocked me out for the weekend resulting in a missed trip and one sad little Canadian, while my friends all soaked up the Mediterranean sunshine! Looking at the positive side, I now only live a few hours away from this gem and I will definitely rebook a trip in the future!

This past weekend we had a few party nights out with lots of new friends. On Sunday I took the train to Saronno to spend the day with wonderful friends/hosts! Melanie is a friend I met five years ago while I did my University teaching placement here in Milan. We've kept in touch over the years and it has been great to have a familiar face around while settling in. She and her husband invited me to their town for the day. I am definitely more of a small town girl than a city girl, so I immediately felt more at home! The town has beautiful streets with quaint little shops and cafes. The sidewalks were filled with art displays and it had that home town feel where everyone seemed to know everyone. It was definitely a treat to visit this town. To top off a lovely day, Angelo also prepared the most AMAZING lunch ever. A great day with friends and a full belly later and I was on the train back to Milano. Thanks Melanie and Angelo for a wonderful day!!

As this busy week comes to an end I am preparing to escape to the Alps with my roommate this weekend. We are off to spend two days in Trento. Trento is a German region in Northern Italy nestled under the mountains and dotted with lakes and rivers. I can't wait for a German beer and a nice hike up the mountain (maybe not in that order)!
Other upcoming adventures:
Oslo, Norway next weekend and Canada at the end of the month!
Stay tuned :)

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  1. We always love reading about your adventures! Can't wait for the next post:)