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Sunday, 24 May 2015

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list"

A recap of my travel highlights from August to December.

After spending a relaxing month in Canada, it was time to return to Milan and jump back into work mode. Luckily, our school likes to gently ease us back as we yet again spent our first three days of 'work' up North at Lake Garda. We probably spent more time drinking wine and catching up with each other, than we did on actual professional development. I also experienced my first Italian earthquake during this time!

September brought wine tours, my first Italian wedding and a visit from my Aunt and Uncle who traveled all the way from New Brunswick.

Morbegno in Cantina is an annual event held in a town in Northern Italy, not far from Switzerland. It is an opportunity for locals to show off their wine. Upon arriving we purchased our packets which allowed us to visit ten cellars. Underground in dark, damp cellars we were able to taste various wines, cheeses, sausages and other treats.


Ale's Wedding
Ale's Wedding

Uncle Nev & Auntie Juitta visit

The wine tours didn't end in September. October brought us to beautiful Verona and what might just be the world's worst wine tour. We went with high hopes and sadly left with little wine in our bellies. While the scenery was spectacular, the tour left us bored and wondering where all the wine was!

Juliet, Verona

Lunch in Verona


Later in the month I spent a long weekend with my friend from the Bahamas in her new home - Berlin. I also met up with friends from London and New Zealand at a traditional beer hall in the city!
Hanna was a great tour guide and brought me to all the main sights. What a cool city!

Jewish Memorial

Berlin Wall


Brandenburg Gate

A return to London and the beginning of Christmas season in Europe!
It had been over two years since I left London. Despite only living in the UK for six months, I met some incredible friends and absolutely fell in love with London. It was finally time to return.
I stayed with an old friend from high school and we had a great time visiting Christmas markets, Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and taking a day trip to the majestic Cotswolds! I also had a chance to reunite with my old London pals and fell in love with the city all over again.

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds

December brought lots of Christmas cheer. The markets were out in full force and the city was decorated so beautifully.
Two friends and I hopped on the train and headed North to Switzerland for a long weekend. We stayed in Zurich and did a day trip into the extremely tiny country, Lichtenstein. The drive through the Alps was stunning! While in Zurich we made a quick stop at the Lindt Chocolate factory and enjoyed the famous train station Christmas markets. However, we didn't enjoy the extremely high prices that came along with being in Switzerland. We quickly realized that three days in a small, expensive city may not have been the best choice.

Lindt Factory

By the end of the month I was back in the comforts of my Canadian home ready to celebrate Christmas with my family!

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